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This are the instruction for translation of a page in the wiki.

  • First, you need to log in, then you can go to Special pages and look for the link Special:PagePreparation, then enter the name of the page that you want to translate and click prepare.


  • You will see a message that says, "The page was prepare for translation. See the difference below. Click the save button if ok".


  • After this you will be send back to the Special:PagePreparation, there is a line below the will allow you to edit the page if you want, if you click on it you could for instance change the content in translation units marked as T1, T2, T3, etc. or do nothing if looks ok to you, then just click save.


  • Now you will see a page that reads "Mark this page for translation" click on it

File:Mark for translation.png

  • All the way to the bottom you can add the languages that you want to include as priority for your translations, this is actually important, later on when your translation is saved, there will be a little tab on the translated page that will allow you to switch between languages, so remember to enter the languages now! Click Marked for translation.


  • Now you will see a message that says that the page is been marked for translation and can now be translated, so go ahead and start to translate!


  • You will be send to a page where you can choose the language you want to translate in to, choose it and start your translation.

Translate to spanish.png


  • You will see the content is been divided in translation units, save all your changes.


  • Once you are done -don't forget to save, and check you are actually logged in- you can go back to the page that you translated and now could switch between the available languages:

File:Sp en.png

  • Pretty cool ah!, now you can translate this page :) -specially since the title and link to this page are in Spanish and the content in English!!! Oopsy, my bad :(