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Algunos terminos tecnicos que podríamos utilizar:

AUC - Authentication Center

BSC - Base Station Controller

BTS - Base Transceiver Station (the receiver and transmitter)

EIR - Equipment Identity Register

FreeSWITCH - Scalable open source cross-platform telephony platform. [1]

GMSC - Gateway MSC

GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications [2]

IMEI - International mobile station equipment identity

IMSI - unique ID associated with all cellular networks, stored on a SIM card (International mobile subscriber identity)

ISC - International Switching Center

HLR - Home Location Registry

Kannel - Compact and very powerful open source WAP and SMS gateway.[3]

LCR - Linux Call Router [4]

MS - Mobile Station

MSC - Mobile Switching Center

MSISDN - Mobile Subscriber ISDN Number: your real phone number

OpenBSC - GSM network in a box software, implementing the minimal necessary parts to build a small, self-contained GSM network.[5]

OMC - Operation and Maintenance Center

RMAI or RAI - Rhizomatica Administration Interface

RCCN - Rhizomatica Community Cellular Network: the softare we use to run our network

  • SIM Tarjeta - Tarjeta en teléfonos celulares: (Subscriber Identity Module) Módulo de Identidad del Suscriptor

VLR - Visitor Location Registry

VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol [6]

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