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Rhizomatica has 16 villages (map) up and running with our own flavour of community controlled mobile wireless network.The technical aspects of making this happen was not trivial and this wiki contains information from the general to specific technical details not appropriate for the faint of heart.

You may find the Lexicon to be of use to decode acronymns and jargon.

System Overview


Troubleshooting Information for Admins

Rhizomatica Presentations


  • Wireless Networking in the Developing World - good book intro on wireless networking[1]
  • Freeswitch - Build robust, high-performance telephony systems using FreeSWITCH [2]
  • FreeSWITCH Cookbook - recipes for FreeSWITCH [3]

Similar projects & other items of interest

  • Endaga - Rural small scale GSM company.[4]
  • RZ_GSM - A german academic GSM project [5]
  • Open BTS - Open source BTS software we used in our first experiments [6]
  • SayCel - A community cell network on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua [7]
Mesh Networking
  • Libre Mesh - mesh firmware based on OpenWRT[8]
  • Guifi.net - a massively huge spanish mesh network [9]
  • Serval Mesh - Android phone mesh networks [10]

Tabaa from the perspective of a BTS