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The administration box is what network administrators use to connect to the BSC to administer users, record payments and check for information on the status of the network. Mainly it is used to access the Rhizomatica Admin Interface.

Though this computer can use any OS as long as it has a browser and basic network configurability, we generally install a lightweight vanilla version of Linux. To avoid future complications, this computer should be dedicated to accessing the RAI interface. Our setups don't have regular internet access.

Install Linux

Typically we use a recent version of Ubuntu, Eg:

Ubuntu Desktop

Lubuntu - a lighter version of Ubuntu.

Mate - Ubuntu with the old school menu.

Choose a user and pass that's easy for the admins to remember. This is typically not a high security kind of thing.

Setup a fixed ip

Edit /etc/networking/interface

sudo nano /etc/networking/interface


auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Choose an address that's NOT the BSC's LAN 3 (ie: not, but in the 192.168.100.x range.

Ctrl-x enter to save

Connect the admin box to the BSC

Connect via ethernet from the admin computer to LAN 4 of the BSC. (see BSC LANs )

Test it

Fire up a browser and open up . This should bring you to the RAI interface. (see RAI manual)

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