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These instruction are specific to our installations at rhizomatica using our servers and VPN setups. Some cleverness amay be required to fill in some of the holes...


In our installations, we use this:

We like these because they are fanless, tough, no moving parts and have a 4 ethernet ports.

BIOS Changes:

First we need to make some changes in the BIOS:

Bios Feature Integrated Peripheral > onboard SATA fnct > AHCI

Power Management >

ERP Function > Disabled (power saving)

PWR Status after Power failure > Always On

PC Health Status > Shutdown Temp 75C

Prepare Ubuntu for install

Download Ubuntu 12.04 server & put it on a USB drive

replace /preseed/ubuntu.seed on USB drive with preseed file from git:

install Ubuntu on BSC with US english keyboard and Mexico City timezone

Boot it up!

connect to LAN1

login: rhizomatica rhizomatica (has this changed?)

  here we edited out a bunch of rhizo specific networking and VPN info


Maybe start by taking a look at [[1]] or [[2]]

 wget #just the repo info
 dpkg -i puppet.deb file # just install repos
 apt-get update
 apt-get install puppet
 puppet agent --test # run to gen key, but server won't accept new key

key signing with puppet

possibly not necessary now we have it on git?

Back on BSC:

 puppet agent --test #again - cannot find items..

on work machine:

We use a git repo of .yaml files to set up our various BSCs. How would this get set up by someone trying to do it themselves?

example file:

# Site specific info
rhizo::bts1_ip_address:  ""
rhizo::site_name:   "Tabaa"
rhizo::postcode:    "68847" 	# we use the postal code for the dialing prefix
rhizo::arfcn_A:"239" # channel
rhizo::arfcn_B:"243" #channel 
rhizo::auth_policy: "closed"
rhizo::vpn_ip_address:   "" #this is just part of our own VPN
rhizo::wan_ip_address:   "" # ip from isp add this later - used for VOIP

#Emergency call contact

# VoIP provider info
rhizo::voip_provider_name:    "provider"
rhizo::voip_username:    "1234567890"
rhizo::voip_fromuser:    "1234567890"
rhizo::voip_password:    "1234"
rhizo::voip_proxy:  ""
rhizo::voip_did:    "12345678901"
rhizo::voip_cli:    "12345678901"

Back on BSC

 puppet agent --test 
 q:How does some stranger get puppet setup?
 a: set up the puppet master on bsc and set up the agent on 'localhost'
  cd /root
  tar -zxf /home/rhizomatica/git_key.tar.gz 

  ./ #to pull from git

  puppet agent --test (again to generate config python file: /var/rhizomatica/rccn/ )


to apply new BSC stuff

as rhizomatica user on BSC:

  psql -f /var/rhizomatica/db/migration/011_location.sql
  nano /etc/default/puppet
  #change to  START=yes #make puppet auto start
  service puppet start

as root:

  update-rc.d osmocom-nitb disable #disable osmocom standard script because we do it different

Reboot the BSC!

Network shit on the BSC:

 nano /etc/network/interfaces

Leave the primary interface as DHCP


#LAN2 BTS interface
auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static

#LAN4 local admin PC
auto eth3
 iface eth3 inet static
 ifup eth1
 ifup eth3

Language Setup

If Spanish lang pages are in english, spanish PHP support can be generated via:

 locale-gen es
Internet BTS available Admin compu
Assigned by DHCP and available